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5 Signs Your Furnace is About to Fail You

March 6 2019

Five warning signs for when it's time to upgrade.
With the temperatures staying low, you’re turning to your furnace to keep you toasty and warm.


Having your furnace serviced annually can keep you from losing heat on a cold day, but sometimes a new furnace may be in order. If you aren’t sure when it’s time to upgrade, use the five signs below to help you decide.

  1. Your Furnace Is More Than 15 Years Old
    As your furnace has aged, you’ve likely noticed an increase in service calls and repairs. Unfortunately, that trusted winter friend might be at the end of its life expectancy. According to Energy Star, you should replace any furnace over 15 years old.
  2. Strange Noises from Your Furnace
    While all furnaces make noise, certain sounds are not normal. Listen for squealing, banging and popping. Furnaces will begin to make these sounds towards the end of their life. So, if you hear any of these noises or something like them, it’s probably a telltale sign that it’s time for a new furnace.
  3. Uneven Temperature Inside Your Home
    Do you find yourself constantly adjusting your thermostat? Do some rooms feel colder than others? Uneven temperatures in your house may mean your furnace isn’t able to distribute heat evenly through the house. And that’s a call for help.
  4. Dry or Dusty House
    A dying furnace will not provide enough moisture to the air in your home. If you notice peeling walls, wilting plants, or dry eyes due to excessive dryness, have a service person come out to check your furnace. While you can take temporary at-home steps to increase moisture content in your home’s rooms, your furnace may be showing that it’s taking its last breaths. Put it out of its misery!
  5. Higher Heating Bills
    Have you noticed an increase in your heating bill compared to previous years? Don’t just assume it’s due to an increase in the cost of gas or electricity. When your heating system is on its last leg, it becomes less efficient and increases your heating bill. Rather than continuing to pay higher bills, invest that money in a new system.

If you are experiencing one or more of the signs above, it’s time to contact Rescue Your Air & Drain to talk about replacing your furnace. Don’t risk being without heat this winter!



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