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How does Rescue Your Air & Drain work with my home warranty company?

Rescue Your Air & Drain is a member of your home warranty company’s preferred network of professional trade contractors. Our technicians provide HVAC service calls and perform approved repairs according to your home warranty contract agreement.

We act as repair technicians for your home warranty company. So, when you have a problem with your heating and air system, all you need to do is call the home warranty representative and the home warranty representative calls Rescue Your Air & Drain. Once we have the assignment, we’ll call you to set up a convenient time for a service call. You’ll pay a set fee for our service call, as outlined in your contract with the home warranty company.

What happens after Rescue Your Air & Drain sets up the home warranty service call?

One of our technicians will come to your home and investigate the problem. We’ll diagnose the issue and coordinate with the home warranty company to provide an estimated cost for the repair. Our technician will go over the estimate with you, explaining what is and is not covered under your home warranty contract. Once you approve the estimate, we’ll set up a repair appointment based on a convenient time for you and the estimated date for the arrival of the necessary parts.

Does Rescue Your Air & Drain control the ordering and delivery of the parts to fix my hvac system?

We do not. All of the parts are supplied and shipped to us by the home warranty company. Rescue Your Air & Drain does not source any home warranty parts and cannot guarantee exact delivery dates for the installation. Rescue Your Air & Drain is not responsible for lost or delayed parts supplied and shipped to us by your home warranty company.

How can I find out what my home warranty covers?

While our technicians can answer many questions regarding your warranty, we recommend that you refer to your home warranty service contract for specific information regarding your plan coverage. You may also check the home warranty company’s website for your plan coverage or contact them directly.

How can I find out what my home warranty doesn’t cover?

The plan information is listed on your home warranty service contract or available on the home warranty website. You may also call your home warranty company representative.

Why doesn’t my home warranty company have Rescue Your Air & Drain replace my old system rather than repair it?

It is standard operation among home warranty companies to first seek to repair HVAC systems if repair is a viable option. This practice includes having our repair technicians fix your older system by replacing worn parts rather than replacing the whole system.

After our service call assessment, Rescue Your Air & Drain reports the condition of your unit to the home warranty company. They will make a final determination on the repair-or-not status of your system and let you know. If you have questions regarding your home warranty provider’s decision to repair rather than replace your older unit, we recommend contacting them directly with any questions.

As a reminder, Rescue Your Air & Drain is always happy to provide a free estimate for any customer who would prefer an upgrade to repairing an older unit.

Is the maintenance agreement I have with Rescue Your Air & Drain part of the home warranty?

No, the two are not related. Our annual maintenance agreement for your HVAC pre-summer and winter checkup is one of Rescue Your Air & Drain’s service offerings. However, many home warranty contracts do not cover units that are not well-maintained, so maintaining your HVAC system is also beneficial if you have a home warranty contract.


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