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5 Tips To Prep Your HVAC System For Frosty Weather

September 9 2019

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Did someone say, “cold front?” At Rescue Your Air & Drain, we’re already celebrating with our fall happy dance. Now is the time that we recommend you start preparing your HVAC system for the fall and winter months to come. 

Rescue Your Air has a few tips to help you batten down the hatches on your air conditioner for the season and get your furnace ready to blast off this winter.

Tip#1 – Clear Area Around Outdoor Unit

Remember how we suggested before summer that you should clear branches, shrubs, grass clipping and other debris from around your outdoor unit? The same tasks need to be done now before fall turns to winter. Clearing around your unit will also discourage insects from using it as a winter retreat. 

Tip#2 – Adjust Thermostat Temperature

Now is a good time to turn your thermostat temperature up a few degrees from your summertime setting. If no one is home during the day, you should take advantage of the opportunity to program your thermostat to kick on to a cooler setting a short time before you come home. 

Tip#3 – Change Air Filter

It’s always a good idea to start off with a clean filter before you start up the furnace.

Tip#4 – Professional AC Tune-Up

It’s smart to have your air-conditioner tuned up at the end of the season. Schedule an HVAC pro to come out and get your AC ready for winter. A pro can inspect your unit and ensure there are no leaks or problems that can’t wait until next spring. 

Tip#5 – Professional Furnace Tune-Up

Schedule a pro to clean and run maintenance checks on your furnace. A professional technician can inspect the system, check the airflow, calibrate the thermostat and fix any obvious issues to ensure your furnace is ready to go this winter. We recommend annual furnace tune-ups.


It’s hard to believe fall is right in front of us. We hope these tips help you keep your HVAC system running properly this fall and winter. 

As always, please call Rescue Your Air & Drain for a free consultation on your heating and air system. Our phone number is 870-735-1588. Or, schedule an appointment online for a consultation or free estimate on a new system anytime.



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