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4 Cool Strategies to Save Money and Lower Electric Bills This Summer

August 12 2019



                                               No Meltdowns Required

These long, hot summer months can put a crimp in your cool and spike utility costs.

High electric bills can make you hot under the collar, especially if you’ve had your system professionally serviced and declared “summer ready” by your trusted HVAC repair company. Could it be something you’re not doing to help your system perform at its best? Try these cool strategies from Rescue Your Air & Drain that can help lower your electric bill and keep heat and humidity at bay.

#1 Change the AC Filter Every Time You Receive a Monthly Bill

Keeping your filter free from dust buildup will help airflow and cause less stress on your air-conditioner unit. Operation costs will be less as a result of replacing the filter on a monthly basis. And a great strategy is scheduling the change of your filter by the monthly arrival of your utility bill. Not only does it remind you of the task, but ensures you’re checking and changing the filter consistently.

#2 Set Your Thermostat to 78˚ 

What is the best temperature for your AC to save money for you? Setting your thermostat to 78˚ is the answer and a great strategy to help lower costs and keep your unit operating efficiently. No, setting your thermostat to a lower number will not cool things off more quickly; it will make your system work harder. 78˚ is great!

#3 Use Ceiling Fans

If your family gets cranky and needs to feel cooler than the recommended 78˚, ceiling fans are a great help for circulating air inside your home. Switching on the ceiling fan is also a great plan to cool people down fast. Ceiling fans make body temperatures feel 5˚ cooler than the actual temperature in the room. Bottom line, your family will feel a breezy 74˚ when the thermostat is set at 78˚. They’ll be chilled, and you’ll be saving money!

#4 Throw Shade on Your Windows

Here’s one instance when throwing shade is constructive . We all have at least ONE window that seems to welcome piercing rays of sunlight inside every day. Aside from being annoying, having sunlight streaming through your window is expensive. Sunrays warm up your house, and your air conditioner must work harder to cool it down, but here’s an easy fix. Try adding shades over windows facing the sun in your house. You can close them when you need to and reap the benefits of lower electric bills.


We hope these four strategies will help you lower your electric bill and outsmart the heat this summer. If you’ve tried everything you can think of and there’s no improvement, maybe it’s time to call your HVAC repair company, just in case a new problem with your system is the cause. For a free consultation, call your HVAC & plumbing heroes at Rescue Your Air & Drain. Our phone number is 870-735-1588. Or, schedule an appointment online for a consultation or free estimate on a new system anytime.




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