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Costly Refrigerant Shortage Coming

February 4 2019

The R22 refrigerant shortage is coming, and it will be costly.
If you’re living in a house with a pre-2010 AC system that you’ve serviced recently, you’re likely aware of the upcoming R22 (Freon) shortage. If so, you’re probably at a crossroads right now and weighing your options.


Do you need to buy a new system, can you upgrade your current system to use another refrigerant, or can you use recycled R22 refrigerant in your pre-2010 model? These are big questions. Let our Rescue Your Air & Drain team help you understand the options so you can choose wisely for your family.

First, let’s talk about why. The R22 refrigerant contains a chemical that was responsible for the refreshing cool air streaming through our AC vents. R22 (Freon) has been king in cool air circles since the 1950s, not just here in the United States, but around the world. Everything was great until the discovery that R22 was depleting the Earth’s ozone layer. The phase-out of R22 which began in 2003 and will be complete in 2020 is the result of that discovery. After 2020 ,only recycled R22 will be available. What should you do?

#1 Use Recycled R22 Refrigerant.

Sure, you can continue to use recycled R22 after 2020 but the price is going to become exorbitant. If you’re willing to spend megabucks, recycling is certainly an option. However, it is not one that we recommend. The price is prohibitive, so why not use the money you would spend on recycled refrigerant toward a new system that you’re eventually going to need to buy anyway? Also, keep in mind you have to be an EPA-certified technician to buy recycled Freon. It isn’t something you’ll be able to buy on Amazon.

#2 Retrofit Your Pre-2010 System.

Like most retrofit solutions, this is an iffy proposition. You’ll need a professional to install the parts to make your old system work with the new refrigerant. Unfortunately, this retrofitting process will likely result in voiding any manufacturer’s warranty. While we don’t recommend or provide this option, it is out there.

#3 Buy An Upgraded, Environmentally-Friendly System.

Luckily, there’s a shiny new cooling refrigerant in town called R410a. It will keep your family as cool as R22 and, best of all, it is safe for the environment. We highly recommend that you purchase one of these new units. Face it, if your system is getting older, it will need more upkeep and maintenance just to keep going. If you’re using recycled R22, you’re fighting a losing and expensive battle. A new system is the best and in the end, we believe, the least expensive move to make.

Let our team inspect your current system to confirm its age and the need to upgrade. If you’re ready for a new system, we can make it a pleasant purchase experience and discuss purchasing options that can make the switch painless and affordable. Reach out to one of our experts at Rescue Your Air & Drain today to discuss.



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