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When Your Air Conditioner Goes Bump in the Night

June 24 2019

ac making noise
Check out these common AC noises and what they may mean!
Scary AC noises keeping you up at night?


Mysterious Noises and What They Mean –

Let’s face it, all air-conditioning systems make some noise, although today’s systems are quieter than ever. But if your system is making loud, disruptive or spooky noises when it operates, there could be a problem. We can’t say without checking exactly what is going on, but we can tell you about four common noises that warrant calling in a pro.

#1 Clanking Inside Outdoor Unit

Imagine the clank of chains. Not as spooky as the sound of Ebenezer Scrooge’s partner, Jacob Marley’s chains, but disturbing when radiating from your unit. The hard-metallic sound of clanking is a clue that something is loose inside the unit. The fan blades may be out of balance or the compressor could even be loose. This is definitely a time to investigate repair with a pro. 

#2 Buzzing

The simplest reasons for buzzing sounds are fallen debris inside the unit or loose screws and bolts. If the problem is a piece of bark from a tree or a small piece of a branch being knocked around by your fan, it’s possible to locate it and fix it yourself. Inching up the list are more serious buzzing related noises including electrical issues like loose wires or a fan motor buzzing. If the buzzing is coming from the compressor, the situation may mean something more serious. For any of the last three buzzing noises, we’d suggest getting your system checked out.

#3 Humming or Grinding

You can hear these noises inside or outside since both of your units have fan motors. Humming and grinding almost certainly mean the motor bearings are the issue. The bearings may be worn-out or need the attention of a professional if the issue is lack of lubrication.

#4 Screaming 

Screaming is a noise that requires immediate action on your part. If you hear a loud high-pitched screeching sound or screaming coming from your unit, turn it off. Screaming indicates a refrigerant leak which is serious. It can also signal an internal pressure problem with your compressor which is potentially dangerous. Our best advice, if you hear screaming, is to shut off your AC and call your maintenance pro right away.

Nobody wants to hear poltergeist sounds coming from their air-conditioning system – day or night. Remember, if you hear mysterious clanking, buzzing, humming, grinding or screaming, these noises are significant enough to justify an appointment with a professional.

At Rescue Your Air & Drain, we want to be your HVAC & plumbing heroes. We’d be glad to don our ghostbuster suits and check out any strange or unsettling noises coming from your air-conditioning system. You can schedule an appointment for a consultation online, call us at  870-735-1588 or fill out this convenient online form.

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