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5 Key Signals Your Air-Conditioning Unit Is Saying Goodbye

June 24 2019

when to get a new ac unit
Here are the signs it's time to replace your unit
Has your AC unit been showing signs of giving up?


It’s not easy to give up on your air-conditioning unit. You made a big investment when you purchased it – and there’s the loyalty factor. Your system has served you well over the years. 

But you’ve noticed some differences lately in how your system is performing, despite all your best efforts and consistent professional maintenance. So, is it time?

Here are five telltale signals that your unit is saying goodbye? 

#1 Not Cooling Inside

This is huge. If you turn on your central unit and cool air doesn’t come out of the vents quickly, this indicates a performance issue. Or, if your AC starts up and blows warm air rather than cool, it is giving you a major hint there’s trouble. Does this mean sudden death? Not necessarily, it could be a ductwork clog or another problem that a professional could repair. Complete failure to operate, however, needs immediate attention by a <pro.>

#2 Bills Are Higher

Rising energy costs may not be the culprit if your energy bills are continually going up. Systems lose their Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) points as they age. They can lose up to nine or 10 percent of energy efficiency over time, which can mean a drastically higher utility bill.

#3 Sweaty, Moldy, Drippy

You should not see condensation on your air ducts, vents or windows. Nor should you see mold or mildew inside any of those places. Sweaty, moist-looking windows or vents are indicators of an aging unit that can no longer keep up the task of removing humidity from the air inside. It could mean the compressor is on its last leg and it’s time to weigh repair cost with the price of a new system. 

#4 Loud Noises And Funky Smells

All air-conditioning systems make some noise; however, if you hear abnormally loud or disturbing sounds such as grinding, screaming, rattling, squeaking or knocking – seek guidance from a professional. The same is true of unusual smells. Air coming from your air vents shouldn’t smell moldy or musty; it should smell fresh. 

#5 Age Of The Unit

It’s unfortunate, but your unit will eventually wear out no matter how well you maintain it. Most air-conditioning systems last about 15 years. At this age, a system failure could happen at any time. Stay ahead of trouble and speak to a trusted <pro> about your options.



New systems are expensive. At Rescue Your Air & Drain, we understand the investment in an upgrade. The upside is that the new models do offer great energy efficiency and longevity, making it easier to replace the whole unit – inside and out – when the time comes. We offer a variety of name-brand HVAC units at a variety of price points, and our experts are happy to walk you through the pros and cons to find the right unit for you. 

If you’re ready for an upgrade, call your HVAC & plumbing heroes at Rescue Your Air & Drain. Schedule an appointment for a consultation or free estimate on a new system anytime.




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