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28 July 2020

Common challenges and tips for smart thermostats Have you adopted smart technology? Does this smart technology apply to your heating and cooling system? If you can answer yes to either of these, stay tuned. We are going to uncover what...

buying home in memphis tips
9 September 2019

5 Key HVAC Questions To Ask Before Buying A House Imagine moving into a newly purchased home and immediately having to replace the central heating and air system! The...

old home hvac tips - hvac repair memphis
9 September 2019

Finding The Right HVAC System For Your Older Home Owning an older home is a dream come true for you, but the fairytale ending is not shaping up as expected. The retro...

cold weather hvac tips memphis
9 September 2019

Did someone say, “cold front?” At Rescue Your Air & Drain, we’re already celebrating with our fall happy dance. Now is the time that we recommend you start preparing your HVAC system for the fall and winter mont...

12 August 2019

It’s time to replace the air conditioner in your home. You’re not sure where to begin but you’ve heard that a Seasonal Energy-Efficient Ratio (SEER) number is a critical consideration when purchasing a new HVAC unit. Only one problem now – you don...

12 August 2019

Does living in a world of “smart” ever make you feel…not smart? Let’s face it, today’s technology advances so quickly it’s easy to feel left behind. If you’re not “smart” about smart thermostats, never fear, Rescue Your Air & Drain is here. He...

12 August 2019

                                               No Meltdowns Required These long, hot summer months can put a crimp in y...

when to get a new ac unit
24 June 2019

It’s not easy to give up on your air-conditioning unit. You made a big investment when you purchased it – and there’s the loyalty factor. Your system has served you well over the years.  Tags: ,

ac making noise
24 June 2019

Mysterious Noises and What They Mean – Let’s face it, all air-conditioning systems make some noise, although today’s systems are quieter than ever. But if your system is making loud, disruptive or s...

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6 March 2019

The enemy that threatens our indoor bliss is allergens. Allergens include annoying substances like dust, smoke, pet dander, lint and pollen. Have no fear! The Rescue Your Air & Drain team has advice to guard you against this ever-present ne...


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